Buying A Knife Set

Ceramic knives are extremely sharp and hold an edge many times longer than conventional steel blades. Ceramic knives are made from a very hard material called zirconium oxide. The only material harder is a diamond. Because of their hardness, they are intended for straight cuts and do not have any flex. In the kitchen , they are ideal for cutting fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. In the outdoors and for general use they are excellent for cutting rope, paper, cardboard and for field dressing game.

Chopping with a ceramic knife is a treat as the ultra sharp blades slashes thru vegetables so cleanly you barely feel the action.

For use in the kitchen, a good starter knife set should include:

Chef’s Knife. This is one of the most versatile and used to dice, chop, mince and slice boneless meats. Ceramic chef knives are very to use and make quick work of any repetitive tasks.

Paring Knife. It’s a good idea to buy a paring knife in ceramic as well for tasks that don’t require cutting into bone. Ceramic paring knives are perfect for deveining shrimp, peeling peppers and much more.

Utility Knife. This medium sized knife has a larger blade than a paring knife but smaller than a chef’s knife. It makes it perfect for slicing, chopping and peeling. Many people use ceramic utility knives for slicing sandwiches for a sure clean cut.

Santoku knife. These versatile knives typically come in 5-6” blade lengths and are excellent for cutting chicken breasts, beef and fish steaks and fillets.

Folding Ceramic and Outdoor Ceramic Sport knives come in a variety of sizes, shapes and handle material so how you intend to use the knife will determine the best alternative. One consistent theme of these general purpose and outdoor knives is their extremely sharp blades that will hold and edge many times longer that conventional steel. The blades will not rust or pit. They are lightweight and usually come with pocket clips or a belt sheath. It is amazing how much better ceramic knives perform cutting cardboard versus the steel alternatives. More tips.

My Improvised Cooking Club

People treat me like I’m a nut-job, but I’m totally sane. I also don’t mean to say this like I’m right and the whole world is wrong, but I really think cooking should be a bit more adventurous than it currently is in modern society. When my friends and I decided to form a culinary club, I knew I wanted to be the main chef. My main dilemma was the fact that I didn’t own any cookware.
cooking on the street
That faithful evening, last Summer, in my brother’s van, What we all decided on what was going to set our club apart. We knew we needed a unique aspect to set ourselves apart from some of our other local competition in the scene. Then, it hit me — We can improvise cookware that we don’t have the budget to buy. Up first would be my cookware set. I decided it needed more pots and pans.

I wasn’t expecting the entire club to be so upbeat about the idea right out of the gate, but it was met with incredible support. It’s actually working out well, too. I use my mum’s small saucepan, a crock pot and wooden spoons make for great utensils.

The only problem you might have with this arrangement is if anyone is trying to cook while we’re trying to practice. One year later and we’ve been selling enough street food for me to finally buy a real, official, cookware set but that hasn’t stopped us from using improvised cookware as well.

My club’s combined kit of real and improvised pots and pans is a big hit and our cooking is a talk in our neighborhood. A big part of the message of our adventure is to explore artistic themes, even if they aren’t always the best cooking in taste or skill.

A Twin Size Air Bed Made My College Nights Memorable

Moving into a new apartment was quite exciting. I was going to a new college and life looked rosy. All was going well, until I got a new girlfriend and we both agreed that she should move in. College life, when you are far away from home, can be an expensive affair and we really needed to save costs, which meant living together in one tiny apartment. Our personal stuff cramped the apartment and because we were not willing to let go of anything, we opted to get a twin size air bed with pump.
This was a decision that we made after a lot of thought; we reviewed all the options available, including looking for a smaller bed, but felt that the twin size bed would be great. During the day, when our friends would visit, we would deflate the bed and store it conveniently away. After the day was over and we were just the two of us, we would pull out the twin bed, start the pump, and before long, we would be ready for a good night’s sleep on the comfortable beds.

The cost of the bed was reasonable and we felt that we had a great bargain. In fact, the bed came in quite handy when we needed to go out camping. We already had a wonderful tent with a strong base, so we just needed a comfortable bed that we could lug around with ease. Camping did not mean having to sleep in sleeping bags on the hard floor; we could go camping and still sleep on the comfortable twin bed, just as if we were at home.

In my opinion, a twin size air bed with pump is a wonderful asset, and will think of having one, even when I have moved on from college life, just to remind me how comfortable my college nights were.

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Fuzzy Rice Cooker

There are different kinds of fuzzy rice cooker, however getting the best fuzzy rice cooker is not as easy as you think. Here is the best fuzzy rice cooker review.

Fuzzy rice cooker is designed in a different way that it has its own monitor ultra intelligent power of great performance. you don’t need to adjust the cooking time and temperature by your self, rather it adjust itself using the latest rice cooker technology. one thing that you should know all fuzzy rice cookers is the components found in it. This means it is designed in inner spherical cooking pan that has a power to distribute the heat generated in an evenly manner. This helps to maintain the same consistency at the top and the bottom of the rice.

Whatever types of rice family you wanted to prepare can be done by using a fuzzy rice cooker. Some of the rice families that you can prepare are white rice, brown rice, oatmeal, sushi rice and so on. Also after you finish cooking nice warm is maintained even if it’s automatically switched off. If you are in need of quick rice preparation, fuzzy rice cooker allows you to satisfy your needs by making white rice with in 15 minutes.

The other crucial part of fuzzy rice cooker is that it has extra large high quality LCD built in simple, friendly navigation control panel. During cleaning time, the high performance and durable inner lid with a detachable system makes it convenient and easy to use during handling time.

The other thing is that fuzzy rice cooker family have high capacity that can handle up to 5.5 cups. The high level of durability,strength,capability of withstanding high voltage and simple stay cool side handler makes to be selected as the best fuzzy rice cooker capability.

The Basis of Fine Quality Espresso Coffee

Only a true coffee lover would know the value of a cup of fine quality espresso coffee and the feeling one is likely to have when such fine quality of espresso coffee flows down his throat. Many coffee lovers think of the process of preparing espresso coffee to be no less than a work of art and it is undoubtedly accepted by all coffee lovers that the espresso machines are the very basis of this art of preparing a cup of fine quality espresso coffee.
espresso coffee
In the recent years, the popularity of the espresso machines has gradually taken a steep rise as many of the coffee lovers have started to prefer to enjoy a cup of fine quality espresso coffee at the comfort of their homes rather standing in long queues or waiting at the tables of one of the coffee parlours in wait of their ordered cup of coffee.

If you are looking forward to buy the best espresso machine in 2016 for yourself, but the variety of products, their prices and critical specifications are confusing your judgement, the best way by which you will be able to take an unbiased decision is by going through some of the best espresso machines ratings in the various magazines, websites and online forums.

Going through the online forums you would be able to come across the experiences of other people regarding the various makes and models of espresso machines and their opinions regarding the ease of handling and efficiency of such variants of espresso machines, thus making you have an impression as to which make and model of espresso machine would be the most suitable for your requirements and affordability and will be easy for you to handle. It is not always that expensive espresso machines will be the best choice, but it is advised that you particularly choose the one that can handle your requirements efficiently.

While going through the best espresso machine ratings you are likely to come across popular variants such as Rancio Silvia, Delonghi Magnificia Automatic Espresso Machine, Gaggia Carezza, Krups Allegro FND111 and many more such popular choices.

How I found my new knife set by searching for the best online

Last month I decided to decorate my kitchen. It was looking a little old and tired, it must be at least ten years since I last painted the walls. I emptied out all of the cupboards and drawers and decided to replaced the crockery and other kitchen utensils with new ones. This meant replacing my old kitchen knife set, that I had bought when I first moved into the house. Although they still served their purpose, they were beginning to look old and worn, so I wanted to buy a new set for everyday use. One that would look good when I had guests round for dinner.

cooking-knifeSo I began by searching for the top rated kitchen knife set online. This was a good way to find out what was currently the best on the market, as well as reading honest reviews was a wonderful place to start and had plenty of customer reviews. They divided the knife sets into 4 top rated categories depending upon your budget. I decided to look at their mid range selection. Here I found the Chicago Belden 15-piece knife set that had a five star rating. The next best was the Chicago Fusion 18-piece knife set with a 4.6 star rating. Both of these items were available to buy from eBay and Amazon.

My search then led on to various other kitchen related websites such as, and; all of which gave me reviews and ideas of the best kitchen knife sets that were currently available.

Armed with all of this knowledge, I was then able to find the relevant knife sets over on Amazon. I was also able to see what ratings Amazon customers has given as well as reading reviews for those best top rated kitchen knife sets that I had found on other sites. I was therefore confident that my choice would be well worth the money and made to a high standard.

Although choosing my new knife set took a little time, I’m glad that I took the time in carrying out a little research in order to get the best product in my chosen budget. Therefore my advice to you, is to do your homework.